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Water desalination

Water desalination technology on the ion exchange basis is despite the increasing popularity of membrane technologies still an important factor in the process water treatment. In certain cases, the choice of ion exchange technology for water desalination more economical, especially investment vise, but also operating costs vise, or because of inlet water quality, ionex technology is the only possible industrial solution for the water desalination and the required water quality achievement.

Automatic water desalination
Our company offers fully automatic water desalination units, projected and manufactured according to the custommers needs for each process, considering the process economy together with possible legal regulations. Double, triple and multiple stream water desalination units are made of materials according our proposal or according to your request. Membrane control valves, pipeline and water desalination automation system is placed on the stainless frame and tested straight in the production process. This is a guarantee, that a technology start up at the custommers facility is both fast and trouble free.

As part of the water desalination units supply we offer a complete chemical management which is necessary for unit regeneration, together with its complete automation and integration into the desalination line operation.


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