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Water treatment in the energy industry is required in several processes, where it is most frequently used in the area of boiler and cooling water. The most frequent methods of water treatment in the energy industry are indisputably ion exchange technologies of water softening and desalination. Last but not least, membrane technologies comprising ultrafiltration for water pre-treatment and in further steps the reverse osmosis together with electrodeionization technology can be used to achieve the same result.

Methods of water softening and desalination in energy industry
The classic method of water softening which uses the ion exchange technology is often used mainly in lower performance boiler sytems, or in the systems with a high volume of circulating condensate. In the case of boiler systems with a low volume of circulating condensate, or in the case of high-pressure boilers, there is a need of water treatment either on a desalination units which function on the ion exchange basis, or lately very often promoted membrane technologies comprising ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization. According to demand, in cooling water systems, also decarbonization unit for anorganic carbonate-based water hardness removal is often being projected.

We at BKG - úprava vody a.s. do care not only for your ideas and the overall solution demands, but first and foremost we do mind the overall economy and legal regulations of the particular process solutions. As the result, we provide optimised solutions for each individual customer and the water treatment process , taking into account the maximum economic effectivity of the further equipment operation.

Water treatment – projecting, assembly and technology maintenance
According to customer requirements we at BKG take over the projecting and design of the water treatment plants (basic design, detail design), together with the actual water filtration technology production, water softening, water desalination etc., delivery, assembly, programming/automation and technology start-up, documents (design as built), maintenance, service support, spare parts and operational parts delivery.

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