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Drinking water treatment is such a water treatment technology, when water comes from any source that meets the requirements for the drinking water according to WHO or the other requirements according to the exact customer specifications. Inlet water can be for example river water, well water, untreated water from the public water supply, brackish water or sea water.

Water softening and undesirable elements removal
Processes commonly employed in the drinking water production are removal of iron, manganese, microbiological pollution, nitrates, ammonium ions and turbidity. The process of water softening is used, removal of increased COD, aluminum and other substances.

Water desalination
Water treatment in the case of heavily concentrated solutions of the sea and brackish water is a very difficult issue. However, every water source can be qualitatively adjusted according to your requirements. Our company has recently achieved a significant progress in the water desalination (heavily salted solutions)with a use of ultrafiltration pre-treatment, followed by decrease of salinity by reverse osmosis technology. Thanks to those desalination technologies followed by further water treatment , processed water can easily be used as a drinking water to supply hotels, development projects, hospitals, factories, etc.

According to customer requirements we at BKG take over the projecting and design of the water treatment plants, together with the actual production of water softening and desalination plants. Of course we also provide delivery, assembly, programming/automation and technology start-up, documents (design as built), maintenance, service support, spare parts and operational parts supply.

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