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The company BKG - Water Treatment Ltd. was established in 1996, with a focus on design, production and delivery of complete water treatment facilities – Processing of drinking water, process water and waste water. Water treatment technologies we produce are available in a wide range of performance series, with focus on filtration, desalination, softening, disinfection, treatment of sea and brackish water, reverse osmosis and mobile container units, with an individual unit performance up to 280 m3 / h. We deliver the complete water treatment technologies, including design, projection, manufacture, installation, commissioning and complete service throughout the technology lifetime. We are ISO certified company (ISO 9001: 2008).



According to your requirements we will provide all the parts of the process

  • projection of water treatment technology and plant design (basic design, detail design)
  • actual water treatment plant production – desalination technology, water disinfection, water softening, water filtration ...
  • delivery, assembly and water treatment technology programming
  • automation and equipment start-up
  • documentation (design and built)
  • necessary maintenance and service of water treatment plants
  • spare parts and operational parts for your water treatment technology
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