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Process water treatment is a technology utilizing any kind of water source for production of water which fulfils the requirements specified for the given technological process.

River water, well water and sea water treatment
JInlet water entering the water treatment process can be for example a river water, well water, drinking water, brackish water, seawater, or water coming from specific processes, for example water from deep well drilling contaminated by chemicals or high amounts of salts etc.

Each process has its own functionality requirements, criteria, statutory norms and regulations for its technological input requirements. For the past 20 years of operating experience we have solved countless challenges regarding numerous applications and therefore we truly understand the requirements of the specific water treatment processes, simply because we have already dealt with them in the past.

Processes using the water treatment
Water treatment is often used in such processes as: in the specific conditions of the printing industry, energetics, automotive, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage production, chemical industry and the chemical production, mining industry and production of inlet brine at the borehole entry, respectively treatment of the outlet salt water, cooling water treatment, condensate treatment, filling water production, injection water production, boiler water treatment, sterile water production and alike.

According to customer requirements and quality / type of inlet water, we apply membrane technologies ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization or traditional filter and ion exchange technologies for desalination, water softening etc.

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