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BKG technology and experience in the mining industry also finds its application in the scope of water treatment and automatic production of individual solutions (eg. brine), their subsequent modification, e.g. by adding other chemicals, process preparation and pumping into deep wells.

Water treatment by salinisation - brine silo or membrane technology
BKG designs and delivers brine silos for the brine solution production and utilization processes. In the case of unregular NaCl supplies for water or rather solution treatment, we can offer membrane technology for progressive salinization of H2O solution to the desired concentration.

Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water treatment in mining industry
Membrane technologies of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are used the mining industry to treat the waste water pumped from the deep wells. Subsequently, these water treatment technologies enable the possible water discharge or the additional recirculation of process water.
BKG supplies water treatment technologies for the mining industry with the assumption of absolute mobility and location outside the operating unit without regular checks. Water treatment is fully automated and BKG provides an overall control of the water treatment process.

Water treatment from A to Z
According to the requirements of individual customer, BKG takes care of:

  • projection and design of water treatment units in the mining industry (basic design, detail design)
  • actual water treatment technology production
  • delivery and installation of water treatment equipment
  • programming, automation and commissioning of the overall technology
  • documentation (design and built), maintenance, service support for your water treatment plant
  • delivery of spare parts and operational parts required over the unit life time
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